Temporary, Secondment & Payroll service, Search & Selection

Temporary, Secondment & Payroll service

At Excellence @work we have a range of reliable candidates to choose from. We offer you 3 ways to hire carefree staff: via temporary placement, secondment or payrolling. If you have found someone through your own network, payrolling is the most suitable solution. And otherwise you can choose from one of our candidates in our database.

Inhouse, Search & Selection

Are you looking for a more permanent employee with a specific specialization? And you would like our help to find him or her? In that case, we can start a search & selection process. We also offer solutions for organizations that need a lot of new personnel. Then an in-house employee could be a good solution for you.

Whatever your situation, we help you to find the best solution for your problem.


Hire reliable staff in the way that suits you. With favorable conditions for you and for our candidates. Don’t wait any longer and get to know our services.